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Tecnología RFID

RMS Platform

Access the RMS Cloud to easily print detailed RFID labels, manage inventory, and track shipments from any device at any time. Get started now! 

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Inventory management has never been this easy and efficient! 



A platform that allows you to control the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), manage personnel access using RFID technology, and display all management information on an IIoT platform.

Gestión de inventario

Asset management 

An IoT platform for the industrial sector that enables measuring and interacting with equipment to track consumption, extract information, display indicators, and ensure inventory traceability.

Control de inventario

Inventory control

An IoT platform that allows you to track all your SKUs by capturing data through RFID technology and displaying the information via a visualization platform.

We digitize your logistics operations!

Inventory Accuracy
Tags per Hour
Wall to Wall Inventory
Return on Investment (ROI) 

RFID Management System

RMS is a centralized, modular system that enables comprehensive supply chain control with inventory visibility and traceability. We use advanced RFID technology and offer multiple modules, including a dual antenna mobile system for rapid inventory checks.

  • Visibility and Traceability.
  • Resource Optimization.
  • Process Automation.
  • Scalable Service.


Control de inventario

Printing Module

RMS is a customizable system with specialized modules, including a printing module compatible with any printer and control tools for precise and efficient printing. We provide specialized technical support to address any printing issues.

  • Custom Modules.
  • Specialized and Qualified Team
  • Scalable Service.

Trazabilidad logística

What’s it for?

With the RMS printing module, you can print detailed RFID labels for each shipment and link them to an EPC for complete inventory traceability. RFID labels offer contactless reading and real-time accuracy for product tracking.

  • Complete Traceability.
  • Contactless Reading.
  • Accurate Tracking.

Sistema RFID

RMS simplifies planning and decision-making to optimize the supply chain. .

Plataforma gestión de inventarios

Centralized Control

RMS offers a modular system for comprehensive supply chain control and increased productivity.

Trazabilidad logística


We provide end-to-end solutions that enable inventory visibility and traceability.

Tecnología RFID

RFID Technology

We employ cutting-edge RFID technology for enhanced control and efficiency in inventory management.

Cadena de suministro

Increased Efficiency

RMS optimizes the supply chain, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction with comprehensive visibility and control. .

Control cadena suministro

Complete Platform

RMS is a complete platform that provides comprehensive solutions for efficient supply chain control.

Seguridad de datos

Data Security

Our cloud platform offers high security for the storage and reliable processing of critical information.