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RFID Genera Seis Veces Mayor Eficiencia Operacional

Actualizado: 31 ago 2020

Todas la empresas quieren trabajar de manera más inteligente. Trabajar de manera más inteligente puede parecer un desafío cuando el flujo de trabajo se ve empantanado por procesos manuales y errores constantes. Con las soluciones RFID, hospitales, aerolíneas, y los fabricantes industriales han la aumentado la eficiencia operacional y han alcanzado sus objetivos comerciales más rapidamente. Siga leyendo para descubrir cómo

1. United Technologies Improves Operations with Dock Door Solution

Every five seconds, the Climate, Controls, and Security division of United Technologies Corp. ships a new unit. Even the slightest production delay has a lasting impact on the speed of production. By using a RAIN RFID solution that tracks items from the manufacturing line to dock door, they were able to increase productivity by 30% and saw an 80%-90% reduction in errors.

2. Volvo Deploys RAIN RFID Solution for Automotive Manufacturing

To uniquely and accurately identify vehicles during the manufacturing process, Volvo turned to a RAIN RFID solution that monitors vehicles from the paint shop to the point of final assembly. The solution guarantees that automobiles are made exactly to customer expectations, and that custom features are correctly implemented. 

3. Alvero Manages Rental Asset Warehouse with RAIN RFID

Furniture rental company Alvero fulfills 2,600 orders daily. When they implemented a RAIN RFID solution in their fulfillment warehouses, they vastly increased the visibility of their inventory. Not only did this mean they could locate items quickly, but they were also able to gain valuable insight into their customer behavior and make informed decisions about their operations.

4. Hospital Solves Asset Management Challenges with RAIN RFID

When expensive telemetry packs went missing at a Midwestern hospital, staff spent an exorbitant amount of time and money trying to locate and replace them. Upon adoption of a RAIN RFID solution, staff now receive alerts when packs are at-risk of being lost and can retrieve them before it’s too late. 

5. Berendsen Improves Laundry Facility Efficiency with RAIN RFID

When leading British textile maintenance service provider Berendsen implemented a RAIN RFID solution into their operations; the results were immediately apparent. They increased asset visibility to 99.99% and doubled their linen processing speed ultimately increasing the number of linens they were able to process each day.

6. Heathrow Airport Pilots RAIN RFID Project to Track Luggage Carts

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. By using a RAIN RFID solution to track luggage carts, airport employees were able to replenish carts at the terminal faster. With data collected from the movement of these carts, they were also able to identify trends in cart usage and prepare for high-volume times more efficiently.

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